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Portraits with Pride has been building your free composites since 1980. We have grown to photograph many ROTC's in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Call us today to find out how to get a free composite of your group!



What makes us the better choice?

    2. Organized studio-quality photo shoots
    3. Each student receives 6 poses
    4. Non-commisioned; No-pressure sales team
    5. We offer many picture sizes, statues, magnets, and 8x10 composite copies.
    6. Quality prints from our own lab
    7. No Obligation of any kind!
    8. No sitting fees!
    9. No Minimum purchase!
    10. Professional staff to back up our name & reputation!

Absolutely free!
Large framed composite of your group!

just for letting us in - and giving us a chance to prove (to you) 
why we are the best in the photography business. 

How can we make this offer?

Our experience has been that most families do purchase our photos when they see the quality of our photography.

Nicest composites in the business!

  • Student's name under his/her picture
  • Professionally encased in Plexiglas and a Cherry wooden frame
  • Delivered to your school absolutely free of charge!